The Animal Lobbyist website contains useful articles, resources and links to help activists make the biggest impact in the political system for all animals and the environment. With the proliferation of websites professing a wide array of conflicting and confusing news on local, state and national issues, we felt it was important to help refocus the public’s passion.  Posting information online is not about being first, it is about being factual.  The credibility of the animal protection movement relies on the information we present and the actions we take. Millions of Americans are concerned about the welfare of animals and yet animal protection issues continue to be just an afterthought to most candidates and elected officials. This needs to change and together, we can make that happen.

The site was conceived and is run by a full time, professional lobbyist with over 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill from the animal protection community. Be sure to follow us at theanimallobbyist.comTwitter and Instagram to get all of your news on important animal protection issues from the source.